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Indian Water Works Association

The Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) is a voluntary body of professionals concerned and connected with water supply for municipal, industrial, agricultural uses and treatment and disposal of wastewater. IWWA focuses basically on the entire Water Cycle"encompassing the environmental, social, institutional and financing issues.

IWWA was founded in 1968 with headquarters at Mumbai. IWWA has 27 Centres spread across the country and is very active in conducting different activities in the areas of Water Supply and Wasterwater Treatment and Disposal. IWWA has a membership of more than 6500 plus professionals spread all over the country and abroad.

IWWA brings out a quarterly Journal and a bi-monthly newsletter called Mid-stream. Mr. M.D.Kelkar of MJP Mumbai serves as the Hon. Editor, Midstream of the Journal of IWWA.

International Seminar on Ensuring Sustainable Urban Water Supply Managment:
Best Practices / Case Studies 24th-25th July, 2014 (IWWA Hyderabad Centre)

Appeal To All Members Of Iwwa About Forthcomming International Events


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