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Because Journal of IWWA is a benefit of membership in IWWA, readers are generally expected to join IWWA to receive the magazine. Exceptions are made under two sets of circumstances, outlined below. Subscriptions to Journal IWWA may be sold to organizations or individuals who do not qualify for membership or who, by reason of location outside the area covered by organized sections of the association, could not obtain full membership benefits. Legitimate subscribers under this definition Include:

Subscription Rates :

Non members of IWWA can subscribe to Journal of IWWA at the following rates:

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For further details please contact us or your IWWA Centres or write to:

Indian Water Works Association,
Pipeline Road, Vakola Santacruz (East)
Mumbai - 400 055 (India)
Tel : +91-22-2667 2665 or 2667 2666
Fax : +91-22-2668 6113

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