Member Benefits


As to why should you become and continue to remain a Fellow / Member of the Indian Water Works Association :

    You have the opportunity to be with a family of professionals, well-versed in the field of water and waste-water sector. This can help you in furthering your personal prospects and carrer in this field. IWWA is the largest professional Voluntary Organisation of its kind in South and Central Asia.
    You can attend several technical lecture meetings and participate in other programmes, such as film shows, construction site visits etc. and update your information and knowledge in the field of water & waste-water engineering.
    You will receive (free of cost) the quarterly issues of the Journal of IWWA, which contain articles of current interest and those of lasting value written by experts in this field and which will guide you in various aspects of your profession. You can also contribute articles of interest to other fellow members and see your written words in print.
4.  The Journal of IWWA carries many interesting items, such as the local and the foreign   news, book reviews, short communications on assorted topics, synopsis of articles of   allied interest published in other journals, synopsis of dessertations of postgraduate  students in the field of environment sciences and technology. These items will keep you informed of the latest developments in your chosen field.

  You will receive (free of cost) an informative Newsletter


    You will get useful publications of IWWA at concessional rates, which can guide you in your day-to-day work. You will have free access to IWWA library, stocked with a large number of publications on water and waste water related subjects.
    You can attend Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and Exhibitions organized by the Centres of IWWA as well as Annual Conventions of the Association, and meet various professionals/experts from India and abroad. This will help in improvement of your career in the field of water and waste-water engineering and technology.