Themes of International Conference

1. Water Governance and Policy for Sustainable Water Management
  1. Development and implementation of policies regulations, and governance frameworks
  2. Integrated water resources management
  3. Water governance at local, regional, and national level
  4. Role of stakeholders in decision-making processes
2. Water Security and Access (SDG6)
  1. Access to safe and clean water for all Water scarcity and strategies for improving water access
  2. Water quality management
  3. Water supply and sanitation systems.
3. Water Conservation and Efficiency
  1. Sustainable water use practices
  2. Technologies to reduce, recycle, and reuse water
  3. Water-efficient practices in rural and urban areas
  4. Water conservation in industry
4. Climate Change, Water and Ecosystems
  1. Extreme weather events, and the water management strategies
  2. Watershed management
  3. Ecosystem services provided by water resources
  4. Wetland conservation, and the protection of aquatic habitats and species
5. Water and Energy Nexus
  1. Water use in energy production
  2. Energy efficiency in water supply and treatment
  3. Hydropower generation, and
  4. Renewable energy technologies for water management
6. Water quality and impact assessment on health
  1. Waterborne diseases
  2. Water pollution control
  3. Wastewater treatment
  4. Promotion of hygiene practices
7. Water Economics and Financing
  1. Cost recovery mechanisms
  2. Water pricing
  3. Financing mechanisms for water infrastructure development
  4. Economic valuation of water resources
8. Innovative Technologies and Solutions
  1. Smart water systems
  2. Remote sensing, data analytics
  3. Water-sensitive urban design
  4. Decentralized wastewater treatment systems

Supporters (Tentative List)

  • Central government agencies
  • State government agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Research Organizations,
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Professional bodies

An Exhibition will be arranged to showcase products and services

Important Dates

Abstract submission
15th June, 2024
   Full-Length Paper
15th August, 2024
Final Paper/Camera Ready Submission Date
1st October, 2024
Last Date of Registration
24th, October, 2024
8th & 9th November, 2024
Contact Person
Dr. Rahul Ralegaonkar: 982318835 Dr. Ashwini Mirajkar: 9850837937 Dr. Isha Khedikar: 9890920906 Email:

Organizing Committee

S.No Member Name S.No Member Name S.No Member Name
1 Er. V. D. Ansingkar 6 Er. N M Bangre 11 Dr. R.A.Daryapurkar
2 Dr. R.A.Daryapurkar 7 Dr. V.P. Dehadrai 12 Er. M.V. Dehadrai
3 Er. A.S.Deshpande 8 Er.A.M. Deshpande 13 Dr. S.S.Hastak
4 Er. V.R. Joshi 9 Dr. M.S.Kadu 14 Er. R. G. Kanade
5 Er. M.D.Moharir 10 Dr. S.R.Satone 15 Dr. K. C. Tayade

Registration Fee per delegate

Category Early bird (15thSept,2024) Standard (15thOct,2024)
Foreign Delegates
$ 200
$ 250
INR 2000/- INR 2500/-
IWWA Members
INR 3000/- INR 4000/-
Non-IWWA Members
INR 4000/- INR 5000/-
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CNRB 000 3124
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120 028 194 200
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ICWSD 2024

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